martedì 25 settembre 2012

For english-speaking fans and followers ...

Hello everybody,
this is only a short service announcement for the english-speaking blog visitors !
Looking over the statistics of my blog I noticed several visits hailing from english-speaking countries, so as United States, Great Britain and Ireland, but also from other countries.  
In the future I probably will post in both languages, italian and english, but in this period I have so much "trouble" with structuring and layout and download of pictures and Facebook and Twitter .... in order to get this baby blog grown up . 
So the only solution at the moment is the Google Translator. I am aware that unfortunately the english translation often does not reflect the precise sense of the italian expression.

Anyway, do not hesitate to get members and to comment. And do not hesitate to contact me if you like to get further informations or explanations. 

You can also follow me on Facebook, my page is "BloggHer women's kaleidoscope" .
Or follow me on Twitter as BloggHer Martina A., tweet @BloggHerMartina.

Thank you very much and .... 

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